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The NHS is under threat and we need your help! Take a stand today by signing the petition. Despite there being 100,000 vacancies in our NHS, new changes mean tens of thousands more will be forced out of their jobs. It’s a national outrage!

What does this mean in numbers?

Across NHS trusts there’s already a shortage of over 100000 staff
38% of staff suffered stress in the last 12 months
Over 20% increase in A&E waiting time

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It is Time to Act!

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Help Yourself Stop Yet Another NHS Injustice!

Your support is needed to stop another negative change being implemented that could make it impossible to fill NHS vacancies. Many of these vacancies are being temporarily filled by agency workers who are employed by what are called umbrella companies. The NHS uses recruitment agencies who are forcing workers to resign from their current employment and to utilise specific umbrella companies through a body called the FSCA. In doing so, workers will not only lose employment rights, they will also lose money and freedom of choice. All of this is being pushed through by 1st September without consultation on the pretence that it’s necessary for compliance.


Not Just Wrong, But Illegal!

Forcing individuals to move employer is not only morally wrong, but in fact illegal. After a defined period, temporary staff gain employment rights from their chosen umbrella company. Forcing a transfer to another employer diminishes these rights. Some recruitment agencies are allowing their consultants to actively move candidates between umbrellas, sometimes multiple times a year, again using the pretext of compliance. What is most disgusting is these same staff are often getting paid a referral bonus for doing so.

The FCSA (Freelancer & Contractor Services Association) is a self-regulating, supposedly non-profit organisation designed to ensure an umbrella companies compliance and award them with an accreditation. In reality, they are monopolising NHS roles for their own members and excluding fair practice from the marketplace. They charge tens of thousands of pounds per year, costs that are then passed on to individual workers. Set up by 3 of the biggest umbrella companies (Brookson, Giant and Parasol), the FCSA with arrogant disregard for the negative feedback of workers, have accredited less than 30 of the 1000’s of umbrellas in the UK resulting in tens of thousands of workers leaving a happy working relationship to enter the unknown.

FCSA: Compliance or a Cartel Monopoly?

“One of the biggest promoters of VAT avoidance in the NHS is […] Brookson” — The Times

We Need Your Help So We Can Support Our Colleagues, Your NHS

We are a group of professionals covering temporary roles for the NHS and are looking at the possibility of taking legal action against the frameworks and recruitment agencies which we believe are currently promoting exclusive use of the FCSA via their agency partners. If anyone has information or emails from their agency or Trust relating to being forced away from their current payroll provider and towards the FCSA approved lists please send it to us.

Staff Shortage
% of Staff Stress
% A&E waiting time increase


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