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Call to action: NHS Agency Workers, Recruitment Agencies and Umbrellas Employers

Your future is in your hands - What are you going to do?

The time is almost upon us when Health Trust Europe’s (HTE) will be implementing its plan to start formally dictating to agencies that they must force NHS agency workers to resign from employment with their current umbrella and sign-up with one that is accredited by the FCSA or Professional Passport.

If immediate action is not taken by all of those that will be negatively affected by the proposed changes, jobs will be lost, business incomes will fall and businesses are very likely to fail. Not forgetting the loss of maternity, paternity, adoption and pension rights to name just a few of the  employment rights that will be lost.

The SaveNHSWorkers campaign urges you to not sit back and think, “It doesn’t affect me, so why bother?” or “I’ll leave it to someone else to sort it out”.

Agency workers, agencies and umbrellas already work together on a daily basis so the relationships exist for you to take action together or each of the groups can take their own independent direct action to make a difference.

So, what should agency workers do?

The more complaints and enquiries an agency receives, the more they will be forced to contact HTE to insist that the changes do not come into action. If hundreds of agency workers contact HTE on that basis, they WILL be forced to listen and take notice.

What about recruitment agencies?

  • If you recruit candidates for the HTE framework, make immediate contact with them and express your concerns and disapproval of what it intends to do.
  • Inform HTE of the complaints and concerns of your candidates and that you are at risk of losing them and signing-up with another agency.
  • If you recruit for any other framework, immediately make contact and ask whether it is going to follow suit with HTE and, if it does, emphasise your concerns and disapproval of what it intends to do.

Finally, what should umbrella employers do?

  • Contact HTE and confirm your support for your employees retaining their employment rights and the unfairness of losing them.
  • Make contact with your employees and provide them with our complaint email template and enquiry email template and explain the vital importance of them participating in the direct action.
  • Speak to the agencies that you work with to persuade them of the importance of also being involved in the stand against HTE.

Can we all make a difference? YES, of course we can! From the dialogue we have had with Gary Snart of HTE, it is clear that neither he nor HTE have properly thought through the consequences of the intended changes. With immediate action by all of those that will be affected, HTE will have to take notice and reconsider its decision so that we can all participate in meaningful discussion and consultation.

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