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NHS Workers ONLY

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I am contacting you as a candidate of your business because I have concerns about what I have read on


Will your company be forcing me to resign from my current umbrella employer to move to a new one with the consequential loss of my employment rights that I have accrued with it?


As I understand it, some of the NHS frameworks are intending to instruct agencies in the very near future that they must force candidates to move to an umbrella employer that is accredited to either the FSCA or Professional Passport if they are not already employed by one.


Can you confirm by replying to this email whether your company will or is considering contacting me in the future to force me to resign from my current umbrella employer? Please ensure you also copy in [email protected]


I wish to make it clear to you that I am very happy with my current umbrella and I hope that your compliance team chooses to continue working with them so that I may continue working with you.


Please also join the 20,000 plus people who have already shown their support at or on where we hope you will soon be listed as an agency supporting candidates and not one of the ones that isn’t.


I look forward to receiving your reply by return.


Kind regards,


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