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Health Trust Europe Abandon NHS Workers

Have agency workers been left high and dry?

Despite repeated direct requests, Health Trust Europe (HTE) has failed to make any constructive suggestions on how to protect the employment rights of tens of thousands of NHS healthcare workers…HTE has abandoned us all!

The campaign has been in dialogue with Gary Snart of HTE who appears to be its official spokesman responsible for forcing healthcare workers to resign. On five separate occasions, Mr Snart has been asked to explain how HTE plans to preserve and protect our valuable and hard earned rights. What was his response? Basically, you are on your own and “take care of yourself”.

During the early stage of the dialogue, Mr Snart confirmed “We are here to support both healthcare providers and healthcare workers”. This statement was greatly appreciated and gave some hope, but hope was very quickly abandoned following Mr Snart repeatedly evading the crux of the campaign’s cause and then finally confirming that HTE will not be providing any “support”; so healthcare workers have to battle on and find other ways to fight this cause.

Surely a decision with such seismic results wouldn’t have been taken without expert consultation and inclusive discussion? There’s literally no evidence of this unless an ill-considered, apparently spontaneous LinkedIn announcing the plan counts as consultation and discussion. It is clearly the case that HTE has never given any consideration whatsoever to the employment rights of the healthcare workers that it wields the control and power over before starting to railroad in the changes. One has to ask, what consultation and legal review of the law was undertaken by HTE? Until it can clearly demonstrate that it did follow lawful processes, from the position taken by Mr Snart, it is more than reasonable to assume that HTE did absolutely nothing, so employment rights losses were never even on the agenda. This is about making the jobs of those at HTE and the recruitment agencies easier at the expense of the employment rights of those of us whose jobs couldn’t get any harder.

With the fleeting hope of objectivity and compassionate support from HTE taken away, all our supporters must now, more than ever, rally behind NHS healthcare workers to do everything they can to expose the unlawful conduct of HTE. We must ensure HTE is forced to explain its conduct at the highest level and the individual decision makers make themselves publically known so that they can explain why they have chosen to abandon us.

But we are not powerless! All healthcare workers who will soon be forced to resign must make a stand now and complain to the recruitment agencies that HTE are using to drop the guillotine. We have prepared a template complaint email for all agency worker to use by sending it to their agencies, which you can access by clicking HERE. We urge you to make a complaint and pursue it as far as a formal complaint to government for investigation by the Employment Agencies Standards Inspectorate. Add your voice to the daily increasing number who have already complained.

If you are not yet being forced by your agency to move to any umbrella of its choice, it WILL happen soon so be proactive and ask your recruitment consultant what the intention of the agency is. We have prepared a template email for the enquiry to your agency which can be access HERE

We are right. Protect our rights!

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