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Health Trust Europe – Where Are You? Is There Anybody There?

Pleading the 5th? Very American!
HTE Fail to Reply and Defend Itself – Here Are the Reasons!

It’s now over three weeks since revealed the illegal conduct of HTE and its Gary Snart in the taking of his bribe as part of Health Trust Europe’s plans to force NHS workers to resign from their employment and lose their employment rights and benefits, but it has made no attempt whatsoever to rebuke the revelation nor defend its actions.

Liam Jones, one of the campaign founders, has twice directly emailed Gary Snart since the last article and invited his comments and participation in all of the issues, but he has chosen to completely ignore them. The complete lack of response really does beggar belief! He’s normally quite forthcoming with his views on most things!

How can Health Trust Europe justify its silence? Well, we at the campaign have a few thoughts on the possible answers to this question.

The first and most obvious answer is that it has no defence to anything that has been made public, so it hopes its continuing silence will result in the voice of the campaign diminishing and people will stop listening to it. Well, if that is the case, Health Trust Europe have made the wrong decision.

A lesser known reason could be that Health Trust Europe do not want the scandal caused by its parent company, HCA, an American mega corporation, to reignite in the UK. Does what follows strike a chord

HCA was the subject of one of the US’s longest running investigations into fraud in the healthcare industry. The investigation began in 1993. Following two settlements, one in 2000 and one in 2002, HCA had paid the US government a total of over $2 billion in criminal fines and civil penalties for systematically defrauding federal healthcare programs.

HCA was found to have unlawfully charged the government in its cost reports for running its hospitals, that it paid bribes to doctors in return for Medicare and Medicaid referrals, and that it unlawfully charged the government for costs in connection with wound care facilities.

Trumps planned post Brexit NHS trade deal is likely to be another reason why Health Trust Europe will not raise their   head above the proverbial parapet given the as yet little known fact by the general public that Health Trust Europe already has a huge stake in our NHS, by which we do not only mean the running of its frameworks.

Health Trust Europe, a subsidiary of HCA, already operate six hospitals, numerous clinics and have an ever increasing portfolio of joint ventures with our NHS trusts that allows them to run and administer the care and treatment of tens of millions of British citizens. For some eye watering facts and figures, an article needs to be on your must read list.

Despite its faults, our NHS is a British institution and the envy of the world and cannot be turned into an across the pond version of the shambolic US healthcare system, so all readers must put their support behind the Keep our NHS out of US Trade Deals campaign.

If anyone can suggest any other reasons why Health Trust Europe will not make itself known, please feel free to contribute to the debate.

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