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NHS Frontline Workers Dying Yet Pay Being Withheld

Greedy NHS Trusts Refusing to Pay Dying NHS Agency Workers Money That Is Theirs!

NHS workers saved the life of Boris Johnson and will have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of others before the coronavirus is a distant memory, but many have died whilst doing so and tragically, many, many more will die yet. Unbelievably, even during this heartbreak, NHS Trusts are withholding the money that these heroes are entitled to!!!

So why is Boris and his government doing absolutely nothing at all to force the greedy and heartless NHS Trusts to follow the very clear guidance of both HMRC and the Cabinet Office so that NHS agency workers receive a half decent wage when unable to work when ill and dying because of the virus? This is a national disgrace that needs to be put right NOW!!!

Support from the FCSA… Despite our past differences with the FCSA credit must be given to Julia Kermode of the FCSA who has boldly stepped in to support the Campaign but even her recent article in support of our workers is being ignored!!!

The country and in fact the whole world should know that our NHS which is held in such high esteem worldwide is being run by heartless bean counting bureaucrats who are skimming and pocketing public funds wholly intended be used to pay ill and dying NHS agency workers.

NHS Trusts are making money out of their dead and dying agency workers…Yet again, and even though they are dying when saving the lives of the nation, agency workers are being treated as inferior second class workers with no rights.

So how is this happening? It’s very simple… NHS Trusts are refusing to accept clear government guidance that they should be paying agency workers 80% of their normal contract wage whilst unable to work and are instead sitting back and allowing them to be paid either SSP at £95 per week or 80% of the National Minimum Wage which net means about £200 per week.

The Cabinet Office, which is a very high level ministerial office, in its very strongly worded guidance has been telling Trusts since March that they should be paying agency workers 80% of their normal contract wage and not to allow them to be paid through the HMRC Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS).

The Cabinet Office clearly states…”The premise of the guidance relates to the payment of Contingent [meaning agency] Workers if they are unable to work as a result of COVID-19”.

Why is the CJRS not the way to pay NHS agency workers? This is also very simple…because Trusts are publicly funded (like HMRC) and the trusts have already been paid this money well in advance to budget for the cost of paying agency workers.

In its CJRS guidance HMRC clearly states “Where employers receive public funding for staff costs, and that funding is continuing, we expect employers to use that money to continue to pay staff in the usual fashion”. So, by point blank refusing to pay, the entire nation is paying twice for NHS agency workers when they are off because of the virus; Once when the Trust get their public funds and again through HMRC when off!!!

Since March when NHS agency workers have been off due to the virus the Campaign has been bombarded with complaints from agency workers who were not being paid at all because Trusts were refusing to pay and because the umbrellas that employ them wouldn’t pay because the CJRS did not apply to them. Even now after months of not working and many dying, tens of thousands of NHS workers have not been paid a penny and those few lucky enough to more recently, only £200 per week!!!

How on earth can it be right that frontline NHS workers who were literally on their deathbeds and have since died were never paid a penny?

As well as successfully calling upon the FCSA for support…the Campaign has also but unsuccessfully called upon support from Ann Swain of APSCo, Crawford Temple of Professional Passport and Neil Carberry of REC whose public contribution to helping NHS agency workers can only be described as useless.

As three of the four so called professional bodies that support the agency worker sector, how can they morally and professionally describe themselves as such and not play their part in stopping the scandalous conduct of the NHS trusts? The Campaign has repeatedly called upon the combined might of all three of them for help, but they have done nothing…shame on you all and hopefully you will not need NHS care!!! Pick a side you three; the greedy Trusts disgracefully pocketing the money or the frontline heroes risking their lives to save our people.

Now the Campaign yet again has to step in to stop the injustice being caused to so many and it will be doing all that it can to expose the individuals and organisations responsible for allowing this to happened and continue!!!

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